Hugh McCallion
The first time ever Pat and Mick
Had been away from home
Was on a summer holiday;
A package trip to Rome.

The flight was most enjoyable,
The hostesses divine,
Not to mention fancy food
Washed down with lots of wine.

And when the plane had landed
They heard the Captain say:
'I hope you had a pleasant trip,
Enjoy your holiday.'

The Courier was a Latin lass
Who spoke the English well,
And organised the transport to
The holiday hotel.

'Tomorrow is a busy day,'
The Latin lady said,
'I'll meet you at the Vatican
So don't be late in bed.

'The Vatican at 9 o'clock.'
Said Pat: 'Now right you are.'
Said Mick: 'You'd better ask her Pat,
The Smoke Room or the Bar?'

The end