A dog came trotting owre the brae,
A bone was in his mou:
He was headin for his kennel
To lie doon and have a chew.
A meaty bone, a juicy one,
Nothing else was in his heid.
But gettin hame as quick's he could
Lyin doon to hae a feed!
He thocht he's tak a short cut,
And loup across the burn:
He kent a narrow bittie
Just before the water turned!
He was comin past a millpond
Where the stream ran deep and cool
And the willows on the burnie
Kissed the willows in the pool.
And the colours o' the morning
Were a sheet o' polished glass
When he saw his ain reflection
In the water as he passed!!
'Guid sakes!' he thocht "another dug!
He's got a bone an a'!
I wonder how he got it
I could fairly manage twa!! "
He stops and leans oot owre the edge,
Sair tempted with the sight,
A meaty bone, a juicy bone;
Surely worth a fight!
"I'm sure that I can manage him:
He doesnae look that tough;
And maybe he'll just turn and run
If I bark loud enough! '
He bared his teeth and gave a bark
there was a muckle splash
And the other dog just vanished...
In the ripple o' the wash!
He stood and stared... dumfounded
As the ripples slowly cleared:
The other dug was there again!!
His bone had disappeared!
He stood and gave his lug a scratch,
Said, "Time I was awa"
And the dug doon in the water,
Scratched his lug ana!!
Oor hero wandered hame again
Wi hangin lugs and tail.
Next time he found a juicy bone...
He'd keep it tae himsel!!!

So Dinna envy other folks.
Look to your ain affairs.
Ye'll no enjoy the things you've got
If Ye'll aye be watching theirs!!!
The end