Well a few days later the king says to Amalet: 'Ere,' e says, I avent seen Polonius lately.' And Amalet says: I know,' e says. I reckon ell be getting imself into bad odour.' Anyway now Chance rears its head, because at the finish the old king sees es up against a dangerous man and e sends for Laertes, the brother of Amalets young lady, who, by the bye, has just done away with erself by a watery death because she cant hold out any longer. An e says to Laertes: Look old man,' he says, I want you to challenge Amelet to a duel with a poisoned tip.' So Laertes dips the tip of is rapier into unction—no its right—and old Claudius puts a poisoned pill into a goblet of wine in case this poisoned tip misses fire—a couple of right baskets I can tell you. Well anyway in the middle of the fight the old queen thinks shed like a quick one so she goes and drinks some of the poisoned cup. The king shouts out to her Dont touch it Gert,' e says. Its poison.' But es too late. Then Laertes give Amalet a poisoned tip but Amalet puts is foot on it and gets it away from im and gives im one back. Then e says e smells treason an e rushes up to the king an e gives im a fourpenny one. Then e tips the dregs of the wine right down is throat and then they all die—the king and the queen and Laertes and young Amalet. And then just to round it all off Fortinbras comes in. Es just come back from the pole   ysee—or one or other o them. An e comes in without so much as a 'By-your-leave or a 'May-I? an e sees them all laid out there an e says: Ullo,' e says. Have they been quarrelling again? And down comes the curtain.

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