written by
Herbert Harraden (1907)
Billy Bennett
A Hindoo died.
A happy thing to do 
When twenty years united to a shrew.
Released, he hopefully for entrance cries 
Outside the gates of Brahma's Paradise.
'Hast been through Purgatory?' Brahma said. 
'No I've been married, I have been married,'
And he hung his head. 
'Come in! Come in! And welcome, too, my son,
For marriage and Purgatory are as one.' 
With joy supreme he entered Brahma's door,
And knew that bliss he ne'er had known before. 
He scarce had entered in the garden fair,
Ere another Hindoo craved admission there. 
The selfsame question Brahma asked again.
'Hast been through Purgatory?' 
'No! What then?' 
'Thou canst not enter,' did the God reply.
'But he who went in had been no more than I.' 
'All that is true, but he has married been.
And so on earth he suffered for his sin.' 
'Married! Tis well! For I've been married twice.'
'Begone! Begone! We want no fools in Paradise!' 
The end