Edward Kent

Yes, when I was a deep sea diver, sir,
Some strange things, they happened to me!
And the strangest as I recollect, sir,
It was off the Southampton quay.
A lady was crossing a gangway,
And in such a hurry was she
That she stumbled-and let go her purse, sir,
And it fell, with a splash in the sea!
And her boat was to sail in an hour, sir!
And she'd dropped eighty pounds in that purse!
'Twas a roll of eight ten-pound notes, sir
So for her, well, things couldn't look worse!
Then she glares round and says in a whisper
"Say, is there a diver about?
I'll give him five pounds, if he'll bring up my purse!"
So I pulls my forelock and steps out!
"I'll go if you makes it ten pounds, ma'am!"
I says... so she nods, with a frown
My diving suit's just on the pier here
And in six minutes time I'll be down!"
Well, some mess-mates, they screws on my helmet,
While I thinks, "Will she pay what she said?"
And my heart was as heavy as sorrow
And my boots was as heavy as lead!

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