Edward Kent

  "Have I ever won a race?" sir,
What a thing to ask! my stars!
D'yer mean to say you've never heard, sir,
How I won "The Copper Vase"?
Let me tell you ( have a fag, sir,
Oh, no thank, you!... dear oh lor!
Through your last, I've got a pain, sir!
I'd much sooner chew this straw! )...
Well... to start at the beginning...
I rode Puddin' Face, that day,
And the course was simply packed, sir,
When I got her under way!
I wore Mr. Beerey's colours...
Which are seldom known to fail!
Stripes, like streaks of sparkling Bass, sir.
On a background like six ale.
We were off!... no one before us !
I was nervous so they say,
Anyways the folks, they tell me...
I slapped Puddin's Face that day,
How I got my horse in front, sir's
Too exciting, so to speak,
So let us try and both keep calm, sir,
As one's hearts are often weak.
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