Smith with his kiddies was romping at see-saw
On a board o'er his garden wall
All the kids on one end and old Smith on the other
When he suddenly got the call
So he made for the station and leapt off the board
And the childen are now in the Accident Ward.

White was singing the 'Sands of Dee'
To his richest Aunt, so lament
For his eyes glanced round to see where she sat
And he'd got as far as "Call the cat___"
When he heard the call, and went.

And Robinson, expert at sleight-of-hand
Was just in the midst of his show
At a concert got up by the Rev. Boggs
To get funds to supply Fiji Islanders' dogs
Each with a little pink bow
He'd just borrowed somebody's gold watch and chain
And a threepenny bit from a brat
A five-pound note and a ring or two
Then placed the lot with much ado
Into the curate's hat
"Now, I'll make these things vanish, then reappear!"
  He cried, when he gave a start
For he heard the call, and rushed off with a will
And the audience are patiently waiting there still
For the reappearance part.


When the engine was manned, it dashed down the hill
In charge was brave Captain Brown
And they made direct for that glare in the sky
And shouted "Hi" to the passers-by
Before they knocked them down
Then they galloped round ridges and over bridges
And took sharp curves which shattered their nerves
Passed farms well stocked, they raced and rocked
By woods, o'er streams on shaky beams
Through fields and gates, passed grand estates
Up hills so steep, by lodge and keep
Then down inclines, passed Beer House signs
Which was something new for them to do
"On, on," roared Brown, "Before it's burnt down
Look, look we're getting near."
And as his men saw through the trees
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