The flames roar upwards fanned by the breeze
They gave a lusty cheer
Then at last they came to a stately pile
A mansion, vast and high
In the grounds beyond they spied a row
Of houses burning and the glow
Lit up the inky sky
"It's at the back," yelled Brown, "Alack
We must drive round these palings, you see
It's a bigger affair than I took it for, boys
We're first on the scene, won't our fame make a noise
It's a proud, proud day for me!"
Then he cried, "Stop, stop, we're near enough now
There's no way through these palings, I fear
But we won't climb over, for fear we might drop
We'll just shoot the water bang over the top
And I see there's a hydrant here."


So they turned on the water and screwed down the hose
For smartness their work was immense
Soon the engine was pumping and thudding its song
And a huge stream of water quite forty feet long


Was pouring clean over the fence
And as o'er the palings the torrent rushed forth
They heard a commotion and shout
Then a door in the fence, which they'd not seen of course
Flew open with sudden and violent force
And a gentleman came rushing out
Ran towards them, all splashing and dripping
Then yelled as he waded through pools
Wringing meanwhile from his evening dress coat
Enough water to float a round pond boat
"What's the meaning of all this, you fools?"
"Why, ain't there a fire in there, Sir?
Cried the Captain, "That's what we're about
I see houses a-falling and burning in there
And I fancy we've put some out!"
"And you've put the audience out as well,"
Yelled the gent, "Don't you know what's alight?
It's a set-piece of the fire in 'Frisco Town,
For this is the Crystal Palace, you clown
You darned fools, its Brocks Benefit Night!"

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