Edward Kent


Shall I tell you the tale of a fright, sir,
No, it isn't about my wife!
I refer to a different fright, sir,
The worst that I've had in my life!
'Twas a terrible night on the coast, sir,
The roughest we've had, I suppose,
We'd no moon—and the night was as black, sir,
As that smut that I see on your nose!
When a wreck, it dashed into the light-house
And put out the bloomin' light!
And I heard the shrieks for help, sir,
Ring through the inky night!
And no one was there to save them!
Not a soul, but me, I think...
For the coast-guard had gone to the 'Pictures'
And his missis had gone to the Rink!
I can tell you I felt upset, sir,
At the thought now my face, it pales
For I... I couldn't assist them!
Because I was strapped to the rails!...
I'd a letter from mother that morning,
"Yours conspicuously" she always signs...
And she'd asked me to read it with care, sir,
Yes, to read it between the lines!

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