Joyce Grenfell
Any messages, Mrs Bolster?

Well now, let's see.
Phome went when you was out
Din't say oo he was
I arst 'im though... because
You said to, din't you?
But 'e woon't leave no name,
Seemed like a shame.

No there wasn't no message.

Oh! someone or other run' to say
Was you goin' to the meetin'
Because about the seatin'
I tell 'er I din't know
And she says, "Oh!
Oh, I see."
And she 'ungup on me.

No there wasn't no message.

Oh!... and a bit later on
Phome went again
And someone says, "It's me."
And I says, "oo?"
And 'e says you know oo darlin'
And I tells 'im I wasn't you...
You was out
And 'e says, "You can't fool me with that act darlin'."
And I says to oom do you wish to speak?
But 'e rungoff
Wasn' it cheek?

No there wasn't no messages.
The end