by Pam Davies I had a funny sort of start and back when I was young, I had a funny sort of eye that shunned the other one. It wandered, sort of on it's own, and sometimes I suppose, It wandered t'ward the other one, and met it at the nose! "Oh!" they said, "You got a squint, we've just the thing for you!" And gave me small round glasses, that had small round lenses too. Then they took some plaster, and they stuck it on the lens. (I knew it wouldn't be the key to making lots of friends!) But they hadn't finished yet, they looked upon my feet. They noted that they joined my legs, which weren't exactly neat! And then they said, "You need a boot! Your leg will be much straighter." (I knew where I'd place the boot, but thought I'd tell them later.) So now, I'm Quasiemodo, with a boot and glasses both. (Not much chance Prince Charming would be plighting me his troth!) But I soldiered on and formed affinity of course, Not with the other children, but more with the milkman's horse! Then one happy day the glasses up and disappeared. Life was not as fruitless as it one time had appeared. Followed swiftly by the boot, now things were looking up. Something runneth over and it might just be MY cup! The eyes had formed a friendship, and the feet were cosy too, The glasses found a dustbin and the foot had found a shoe. I have found Prince Charming, so it only goes to show, No matter how bad things appear, you really never know!
The end