A Monologue For A County Lady
On A Garden Seat

Written for Edith Evans
Herbert Farjeon

  You must all come over again on Tuesday.
That will be delightful.
And do bring the girls.
I insist on the girls.
Archie is simply dying to see the girls.
Bring all the girls.
Bring them to luncheon.
Bring them to luncheon on Tuesday.
That will be delicious.
And you must tell me what you would like fur luncheon.
Would you like fish for luncheon?
And would the girls like fish for luncheon?
You are quite sure the girls would all like fish for luncheon?
Then we'll have fish for luncheon.
That will be great fun.
We'll send the Lagonda to fetch you.
No, we can't send the Lagonda, the Lagonda will be out.
We'll send the Chrysler to fetch you.
I'm afraid the Chrysler isn't the Lagonda.
But we'll make you as comfortable as we can in the Chrysler.
And we will definitely send you back in the Lagonda.
Archie will drive you back in the Lagonda himself—won't you, Archie?
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