takes you. And remember: you are all lovely flowers in the grass.
Everybody ready?
Just a minute, Miss Boulting.

Sidney - come here, please.
What have you got in your mouth?
I can't hear a word you're saying, Sidney, so go out of the room and spit it out, whatever it is, and then come back and tell me what it was. And Sidney. Both feet. Don't hop.
Now then, children, we're not going to wait for a boy who puts things in his mouth like a baby - we're going to be lovely flowers growing in the grass, and the sun is shining down on us to make us grow tall and beautiful and - Geoffrey, stand up - flowers don't look backwards through their legs, do they?
What flower are you?
A fat daisy! Good.
Hazel, what do we do with our heads?
We hold them up... I should think so.
Come in, Sidney!
COME IN. There's no need to knock the door down, is there?
Now what did you have in your mouth?
It can't have been nothing, Sidney, because I distinctly saw something.
Yes, I know it's nothing now but what was it then?
  A big button! Well, I'm very glad you spat it out, aren't you?
You didn't? Do you feel all right, Sidney? Sure?
Well, get back into your place, then. Incidentally, where did you get the button? Off Rosemary's pink frock. I'm ashamed of you, Sidney, a big boy of four to go around eating buttons off little girls' frocks. What flower are you going to be? I've forgotten. You'd better be a hollyhock.
No, you can't be a super-jet, and if you are going to be a crosspatch you'd better go and sit down over there till you are a nice boy again. You can be thinking what flower you are going to be. Go along...
George -what did I say before? Well, don't... Come along, children. Listen carefully to the music and then dance like a flower to it.
We're ready at last, Miss Boulting. I'm so sorry.
One-two- Off we go.
Dance, Neville, don't just stand there. Dance.
Head up, Hazel, and use your arms.
Peggy, dear - don't forget to breathe.
Rhythm, George. And cheer up - you're a happy flower, George.
Yes, you are.
Because I say so.
Oh good, Sidney, I knew you'd think of something.
All right, you shall be a cauliflower - only be it gently.
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