Joyce Grenfell

  Oh, hello, Mrs Hingle. I'm so glad you could come along. As you see, we're just having a Free Activity Period, and in our Free Activity Period each little individual chooses his or her own occupation. Some are painting, some are using plasticine, and some work at a sand-table. We feel that each little one must get to the bottom of his or her self and find out what he really wants of life.
Who is making that buzzing noise?
Well, stop it please, Neville.
Hazel, dear, come away from the door and get on with your plasticine.
I love to see them so happily occupied, each one expressing his little personality...
George - don't do that...
Now, children, I want you all to say 'Good morning' to Mrs Hingle. Good morning, Mrs Hingle.
No, Sidney, not good-bye. Mrs Hingle has only just come. You don't want her to go away yet?
No, she hasn't got a funny hat on, that's her hair.
So sorry, Mrs Hingle. Sometimes we ARE just a trifle outspoken. We try to encourage honesty, only sometimes it doesn't always...
And this is my friend Caroline, and Caroline is painting such a lovely red picture, aren't you, Caroline? I wonder what it is? Perhaps it's a lovely red sunset, is it? Or a big red orange?
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