Joyce Grenfell

Children - it's time to go home, so finish tidying up and put on your hats and coats. Some of our mummies are here for us, so hurry up.
Billy won't be long, Mrs Binton. He's on hamster duty.
Now let's see if we can't all help each other. Janey - I said help each other. Help Bobbie carry that chair, don't pin him against the wall with it.
We're having a go at our good neighbour policy here, Mrs Binton, but it doesn't always...
Neville, off the floor, please. Don't lie there.
And Sidney, stop painting, please.
Because it's time to go home.
Well, you shouldn't have started another picture, should you. What is it this time?
Another blue man! Oh, I see, so it is.
All right, you can make it just a little bit bluer, but only one more brushful, please, Sidney.
We don't think he's very talented, but we feel it's important to encourage their self-express:on. You never know where it might lead...
Rachel. Gently - help Teddy gently into his coat.

  It's a lovely coat, Teddy, what's wrong with it?
Oh. It looks like a boy's coat when you wear it. And lots of boys wear pink.
Poor wee mite, he has three older sisters!
Neville, I said get up off the floor.
Who shot you dead?
David did? Well, I don't suppose he meant to. He may have meant to then, but he doesn't mean it now, and anyhow I say you can get up.
No, don't go and shoot David dead, because it's time to go home.
George. What did I tell you not to do? Well, don't do it.
And Sidney, don't wave that paint-brush about like that, you'll splash somebody. LOOK OUT, DOLORES!
Sidney! ... It's all right, Dolores, you aren't hurt, you're just surprised. It was only a nice soft brush. But you'd better go and wash your face before you go home.
Because it's all blue.
Sidney, I saw you deliberately put that paintbrush up Dolores's little nostril.
No, it wasn't a jolly good shot. It ..... I don't want to discuss it, Sidney.
Now go and tell Dolores you're sorry.
Yes, now.
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