Thank you, Hazel, for putting the chairs straight for me.
You are a great helper.
Thank you.
And thank you, Dicky, for closing the cupboard door for me.
Dicky... is there somebody in the cupboard?
Well, let her out at once.
Are you all right, Peggy? What did you go into the cupboard for?
But we don't have mices - I mean mouses - in our toy cupboard. Mouses only go where there is food, and we don't have any food in our toy cupboard.
When did you hide a bicky in there?
Every day!
Well, perhaps we have got mices in our toy cupboard. I'll have to look.
No, you go and get your coat on.
Dicky - We never shut people in cupboards.
Because they don't like it.
What do you mean, she's puggy? Peggy's puggy?
Oh, she's got puggy hands. But you don't have to hold her hand...
Well, you must ask her nicely to let go.
Well, if she won't let go...
You'll have to work it out for yourself, Dicky.
Edgar and Timmy... your knitted caps are not for
  playing tug-of-war with. Look, now the pom-pom's come off.
Whose is it?
Well, give it back to Sidney.
Where are your caps?
Well, go and ask Sidney to give them back to you.
Turn round, Geoffrey. You've got your wellingtons on the wrong feet.
Yes, you have. You'll have to take them off and start again.
Why can't you reach?
Well, undo your coat and then you can bend.
Take off your woolly gloves.
And your scarf.
You can keep your balaclava on. How many jerseys are you wearing?
Heavens. No wonder you can't bend.
Caroline, come and help Geoffrey.
Don't kick her, Geoffrey. She's come to help.
Sidney, I told you to put that paint-brush down ...LOOK OUT, DOLORES!
Well, that wasn't a very good shot, was it? You didn't mean to put it in her ear, did you?
Well, you shouldn't have.
You're all right Dolores. It was just a bit of a surprise, but you'll have to go and wash again.
Because you've got a blue ear.
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