Sidney, I'm ashamed of you, a big boy of four, and she's only just three.
And Sidney, what have you done with Timmy and Edgar's caps?
No, I'm not going to guess.
And I don't want to know they are hidden in a special secret place, I want to know exactly where they are.
No, I'm not going to try and find them. You're going to tell me where they are.
Well, go and get them out of the waste-paper basket at once. Waste-paper baskets aren't for putting caps in.
Now go and say you are sorry to Dolores.
Yes, again.
We think his aggression is diminishing, but we do have setbacks.
Lavinia, is that your coat you've got on? It looks so enormous.
Oh, you're going to grow into it. I see.
Hazel, thank you for helping Betty into her jacket.
Just zip her up once. Not up and down.
No, Neville, you can't have a turn.
No, children, you can't all zip Betty.
Jenny, come here.
Jenny, when we have paid a visit to the littlest room, what do we do?
  We pull our knickers up again.
Good-bye, Hazel, Good-bye, Bobbie. Good-bye, everybody.
Good-bye, Mrs Binton.
Hurry up, Sidney, because you'll keep your Mummy waiting.
Well, your Granny then.
Somebody is coming to take you away, aren't they, Sidney?
No, you won't see me tomorrow, Sidney.
Tomorrow is Saturday... thank heaven.

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