Pam Davies ©
  I've taken a fancy to horses.
The ones that can run, not the rest.
The pedigree fillies, no Neddy's or Willie's,
I'm only supporting the best!
I got the idea watching tele',
When Ascot was on with the Queen,
She rode in her carriage, with Duke from her marriage,
I thought it a fabulous scene.
All of the ladies looked lovely,
with hats that were out of this world,
Some with a feather, that blew in the weather,
and some with a brim that was curled.
Shoes were a bit of a problem,
Some of the heels were so high.
Some were abandoned, were held in the hand and
Were likely to poke out an eye!
Gents were incredibly handsome.
Top hat and tails was the theme.
Some had a stick as the winner they'd pick
And in places they came as a team.
Saddling up were the jockeys,
Dressed in their silks and their boots.
Talking to horses when out on the course is
essential for winning the groups.
Suddenly there was a winner.
Punters collected their share.
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