Etiquette rocked, the enclosure was shocked
as the Queen's hat went up in the air!
I had decided that racing,
was just the excitement for me,
So off to the bookie, though only a rooky,
I went with my 25p.
I had a look at the runners,
nothing was taking my eye,
Then out of the blue, a solution came through,
one was named after my Auntie Vi!
I'll have that! I explained to the bookie,
and gave him my 25p
I thought he'd be terribly grateful
but he looked astounded at me.
Still he accepted my gamble,
he gave me a ticket and I...
...went and watched on the bookmakers tele',
to await the victorious Vi.
I thought I'd got the wrong colours,
Auntie was slipping away,
She was now galloping backwards,
this wasn't my lucky day.
I have now made a decision.
Nothing's more certain than that,
I'm giving up backing horses,
I'll just go and buy the big HAT!
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