Carter and Gay

Performed by
Gracie Fields

  Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming
Christmas is coming again.
But that never thrills me, the thought of it chills me
I tell you it fills me with pain.
It makes me remember a Christmas gone by,
When I was extremely upset
A night in December, an evening that I,
Would very much rather forget

For I took me harp to a party
But nobody asked me to play,
The others were jolly and hearty
But I wasn't feeling so gay.
They might have said, "Play us a tune we can sing."
But somehow I don't think they noticed the thing.
I took me harp to a party
But nobody asked me to play
So... I took the darned thing away!

They asked Mrs. Morgan to play her mouth-organ
And somebody else did a dance
They Let Mrs. Carter perform a sonata
But I wasn't given a chance.
Anorth country person called Sandy McPherson
Played bagpipes and took off his coat.
While both the Miss Fawcetts bust out of their corsets
In trying to take a top note.
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