J. P. Long, Will E. Haines
& Jimmy Harper (1938)

  Behold in me a member of a family called 'Binns,'
Me mother's just increased the population wi' some twins;
A lovely girl, a bouncing boy, they've neither mumps or quinsies,
We had a fam'ly gatherin' to name the Binns's twinsies.

'Eric and Veronica,' suggested Auntie Monica
To Nurse, as she removed the safety pins.
Cecil and Celia, Clarence and Ophelia,
Were some o' the names they tried to bung on Missus Binns's twins.

'Call the girl child Pansy,' said the curate, looking coy; —
'Nay,' said sister Susie, 'Folks'll think she is a boy.'
Call 'em what the heck you like,' said Uncle Benje Binns.;
But what about summat to drink the health of Missus Binns's twins.'

Owd Bill, the Captain of a barge, suggested Ebb and Flo.
Bob Brown, who's breeding rabbits, gave his vote for Buck and Doe
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