Warner - Paul

Performed by Doris Hare,
playing the character of Charlie, a young London boy evacuated to the country during the 1940s London bombings.
Mr. Weasel: Oh! there you are... where have you been?
Charlie: With Tom Cravett.
Mr. Weasel: And where's Tom Cravett been?
Charlie: With me!
Mr. Weasel: Well you stay here and mind your baby sister.
Charlie: Yes Mr. Weasel... Mr. Weasel, when are we going back to London?
Mr. Weasel: Don't ask me... ask Hitler!
Charlie: Oh!... Mr. Weasel, what's for supper?
Mr. Weasel: Er... a cup of cocoa and some bread and butter.
Charlie: Aah!... can't we 'ave some lovely, tinned pineapple?
Mr. Weasel: All you London kids think of is tinned pineapple.
Charlie: Well, it's better than bread and butter.
Mr. Weasel: Well, you'll get bread and butter... and if you're a good boy you might get a bit of cheese.
Charlie: Cheese!!!!... What's 'e think we are... Ruddy Mice?
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