Joyce Grenfell

Children, we've had our run around the classroom, and now it's time to start our day's work. We're going to have a sing-song together, and Miss Boulting is going to play for us, so come and settle down over here, please.
Kenny, why haven't you taken your coat off?
No, it isn't time to go home yet, Kenny! You've only just come.
You'd rather go home? Bad luck.
No, you can't go, not quite yet.
Kenny, you've only been here about ten minutes. Come and sit on the floor next to Susan.You like Susan.
No, Susan, I don't think he wants to sit on your lap.
No, I thought he didn't.
Kenny! We don't want to see your tongue, thank you.
No, not even a little bit of it. Put it back please.
All of it.
And give your jacket to Caroline, I'm sure she'll hang it up for you.
Thank you, Caroline.
Who is that whistling?

  Sidney, you know we never whistle indoors. You can whistle in the garden, but we never whistle indoors.
Yes, I know you have just whistled indoors, but don't do it any more.
And don't punch Jacqueline.
I'm sure she didn't say she liked you punching her, did you Jacqueline?
Well, I don't think it's a good idea, so we won't have any more punching.
He is rather a disruptive element in our midst, Miss Roulting, but he does try to belong more than he used to, so we are encouraged, bless his heart.
Let's be kind to each other today, shall we? We are going to learn some more of the Drum Marching Song we began yesterday.
Who remembers how it starts?
No, David, it doesn't begin 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'. That's another song.
Yes, I know you know it, but we aren't going to sing it now
No. Not today.
And not tomorrow
I don't know when.
We are going to sing our Drum Marching Song now.
Edgar and Neville, why are you standing on those chairs?
You can see into the fish-tank perfectly well from the
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