floor. Get down, please.
No, Neville, you can't hold a fish in your hand.
Because fishes don't like being held in people's hands. They don't like coming out of the water, you see. Their home is in the water.
Well, they do have to come out of the water when we eat them, but these aren't eating fishes. These are friend fishes. It's Phyllis and Fred. We wouldn't want to eat Phyllis and Fred.
No, Sidney, you wouldn't.
I don't think they'd be better than sausages.
Come back, please. You don't have to go and see Phyllis and Fred. You know them perfectly well.
I don't know what they are doing behind the weeds, Sidney. Just having a friendly game, I expect.
Neville, you tell us how the Drum Marching Song begins.
Yes! That's right.
'Rum tum tum, says the big bass drum', Well remembered, Neville.
When we know the song well we're going to march to the Drum Song. But today we'll just stand and sing it; so, everybody ready?
'Rum tum tum, says the big bass drum.'
Just a minute, Miss Boulting.
Where is your drum, Kenny? No, not on your head.
  It's in front, isn't it, on a make-believe string round your neck.
Sidney, I heard what you said. You know it isn't 'Rum tum tummy'.
It may be funnier, but it isn't right.
Yes. it is a funny joke. Let's get the laughter over, please.
Now then. Ready?
Thank you, Miss Boultiflg.
'Rum tum tummy...'
Yes, I made a mistake. It was silly, of me, wasn't it? Yes, very silly.
Sh - sh -. It wasn't as silly as all that.
I think we'll go on to the next bit perhaps...
Miss Boulting...
'Rooti-toot-toot, says the...
Who says 'Rooti-toot-toot', David?
No, David, not 'Twinkle Twinkle'.
Yes, Lavinia, the 'Cheerful Flute'.
And what is a flute?
No, Dicky, it isn't an orange.
It isn't a banana.
It isn't an apple.
It isn't FRUIT, it's FLUTE.
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