And what is a flute?
Yes, Lavinia, it's in a band. It's a musical instrument in a band. And how do we play it?
No, we don't kick it and bash it about, Sidney.
Now think.
We blow it.
Yes, Edgar, we blow it, and the music comes out of it. It's a musical instrument, and we blow down it.
Rachel, don't blow at Timmy.
And Timmy, don't blow back.
I'm sorry she blew you a very wet one. But don't blow a wet one back.
Now use your hankies, and wipe each other down, both of you. I'm sure you're both sorry.
No, Kenny, it isn't time to go home yet.
Shirleen, why are you taking your skirt off?
I'm sure Mummy wants you to keep it nice and clean, but you won't get it dirty from singing, you know.
Yes, it is very pretty.
Yes, and it's got little doggies all over it. Little blue and little pink doggies. Put it on again, please. Yes, your panties are pretty; and your vest.
But pull down your skirt now.
George. Remember what I asked you not to do? Well, then...
Rooti-toot-toot, says the cheerful flute.'
  Sidney, you're whistling again. And if you are going to whistle you must learn to do it properly
You don't just draw in your breath like that, you have to blow in and out.
It's no good saying you bet I can't whistle, because I can. I've been able to whistle for a very long time, but I'm not going to do it now. But I can.
I don't know why I compete with him, Miss Boulting. I really shouldn't.
Let's start our Drum Marching Song from the very beginning, shall we?
One, two...
What did you say, Miss Boulting?
Already! So it is. Oh, good. And here is Mrs Western with our milk and biscuits.
Get into a nice straight line by the trolley, please.
No, Kenny, it isn't time to go home yet. There is still an hour and a half to go...

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