Gary Hogg

  Bill Bendelows from Co-op haberdashers
Was taking in t'blind Friday night
When he heard his name spoke, and there stood this bloke
Stood grinnin' and dressed all in white
Bill says "Well, I'll be blowed, Seth Sykes from Clegg Road"
Seth says "Aye, but I'm not any more,
You're looking at the Amazing Mahatma,
The Psychic from a far distant shore"

"Far distant shore? You used to live just next door,
Like I say, on't Clegg Road, number five,
Din't you once do an act wi' a dummy?
Ventriloquist like, am I right?"
"Yer spot-on" says he "But between you and me,
I'm not into that any more,
Like I say I'm the Amazing Mahatma"
"Aye, you said….. From a far distant shore"

"Well that's just a gimmick to make us sound cool,
Mysterious and sort of aloof"
Bill says, "You must have some loot …and what's with the suit?
You look like a right flamin' goof"
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