Gary Hogg

  Me Auntie Barbara's son Joe lives down our back row
And he was telling us about Mary, his bird
And the morning of the Bethlehem Charabanc trip
He said the funniest of things had occurred.
Mary, his fiancée, had just left their Nancy's
When there happened the most strangest of things
There was a puff of white smoke and there stood this bloke
In a nightie with a halo and wings.

Well she jumped with the fright, she says "You've no right,
Putting the willies up people like that
She says, "I've come ower all queer, I'm all wobbly stood here,
I'll have to sit down you daft pratt! He says,
"I'm sorry for the fright, It's Mary, am I right?,
I've got summat in here, just for you,
It's from our Lord God Almighty." he put his hand in his nightie
Mary went a bit faint and said, "Ooh!"

She was relieved, poor soul, when he pulled out a scroll
Started to read about joy and glad tidings
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