Gary Hogg

  Masie Orrick had just buried their Horace
And she said to her son "Listen Jack,
He's left us no brass, so we'll have to eat grass,
And that telly'll have to go back!"

They were smallholders with a very small holdin'
They'd no need for a tractor or plough
In fact all they'd got, were a ten-by-ten plot
Six rows of spuds and a cow

She says "Them taters'll have to see us through t'winter,
And poor Daisy might fetch a few quid,
You'll have to take her t'market on Thursday"
So the very next Thursday, he did

He'd not been gone long when he met Mister Wong
The Chinese lad - owns t'chippy up t'street
He says "By 'eck, ruvvery cow. You give him me now,
I give you prenty beef cully to eat"

"He's a her" says our Jack, givin' daisy a smack
Cos she were chewin' at Mister Wong's welly
He says "Give us food every day from now till next May,
And a fiver to pay off the telly"
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