Course the wall gave away and the witch shouts "Hooray!
We're free!" Mabel says "Hang about,
What's happenin' our Cain, I don't want to complain,
But isn't that a lion got out?"

"This is Brian" said Pa "...Brian, this is Ma,
And this here's a witch I've just met"
And the witch says "I'm dead pleased to meet you"
And Mabel says "Cup o' tea, pet?"

So the witch and our Mabel sat down at the table
The pair hit it off really well
She gave her some make-up to hide all her warts
And then,... she taught Mabel some spells.

So everythin's rosy and they all live quite cosy
With a curtain cross the hole that was made
They don't do Skeggy no more, they just nip nextdoor
And relax in their own verdant glade

So the Warburtons still live life as normal
'Cept with a lion instead of a dog
And there's just them in the street got a forest en-suite
Oh, and a rent man that's been changed to a frog
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