Gary Hogg

  Sid Brocklebank's got the junk shop down Bolingbroke Street
And there's nowt he hasn't got there, I'll bet
From ex-army teeth, to a side of corned beef
And owt he hasn't got he can get
He was in his window one day putting stuff on display
And he noticed this well dressed looking chap
He weren't local, the bloke, stood there having a smoke
He wore a trilby instead of a cap

Sid gave 'im a nod and went back to his job
And thought no more about it, till when
The ding-dong thing on his door went ping
And there stood the bloke once again
He says, "Is that a partridge you've got in the window?"
Sid says "Aye, you're in luck, me last one,
It's yours for ten bob." bloke says, "Aye, just the job,
If you throw in that perch that it's on"

"That's no perch, isn't that" says our Sid with a snap
"That's a genuine pear tree stood there,
Tell you what, though" says Sid, "Take them both for a quid"
"Okay!" says the bloke, "That sounds fair"
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