It sent up such a splash that the field was awash
And it drownded out most of the blaze
There was just a bit trouble with a few bits of stubble
And Cecils pants which'd seen better days.

But that valiant crew knew just what to do
And they stamped and they beat at the flames
Minister's wife, Mrs Hardy, Beat them out with her cardy
While the lads grabbed the hose and took aim.

Now their big tank of watter, having took such a clatter
Decided to burst at the seams
It sent a dirty great shower o' watter all ower
And what was left of the fire turned to steam.

"That's just the job" says Benny the gob
Dick and Ted says "Aye, Very nice,
Just as well I suppose, You seen the state of this hose?
It's full of holes on account of the mice"

Up goes a shout "That's it, the fire's out"
Lord Proggy runs up, mind, was he chuffed
His face was aglow he shouts "Bloody good show!
You chaps really do know your stuff"
  "I'm going to make a donation of five hundred pounds"
And he wrote out a cheque there and then
And Benny the gob spluttered "Aye,just the job"
Dick and Ted said "Very nice" once again.

Benny yelps with delight "We'll get flashing blue light,
And that engine's as flat as a fart,
And now the water tank's burst but first things come first,
We'll get them brakes bloody fixed for a start!"

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