Though it might be a bit tricky on account of me shape"
Said the mitts, "But I'll give it a try"

"We could go to the Cup Final but that's not till May"
Says young Walter scratching his ear
"Cup Final? Fine, we can travel through time,
It's been dead boring this last fifty year"

So they soared off up over the roof tops
They were at Wembley in a couple of ticks
I'll not tell you who won 'case it spoils it
But he was happy that his team scored six

Now the mitts picked him up and brought him back home
To the garage where the lads were stood round
Saying "Where the hell have you been for our sarnies?
And what you doing three foot off the ground?"

So Walter told them the tale of the mittens
And how he'd said the magic word in the shop
"So what was it you said, then?" - says Alec
"I'm buggered if I know. I forgot"


"It'll likely be abracadabra"
Said Ray who knew nowt about owt
And they spent the rest of the day on suggestions
But managed to come up with nowt

Though he'd been to Wembley and back in ten minutes
The ham went off during the flight
And poor Alec got food poisoning for his trouble
And had déjà vu with the sarnie that night

But Walter still hopes as he goes for their dinners
That one day he might get a repeat
But he's not likely to say 'Alacazam' any more
Alec's turned Veggie and give up on meat!

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