'Tis a Tale they tell in Foochow,
At the Sign of the Whispered Hush;
While Shepherds bright
Watch flocks by night
In the silence of Shepherds Bush.
With Bom Bom in his arms, he ran
Down the Street of the Swiping Sword;
But in pursuit
Ben heard the `toot'
Of a second-hand Chinese Ford.
They knew 'twas the car of Hoo Flung Mud,
And he drove like a fiend of hell;
'Twas a race for life
For he'd brought his knife...
And his fork and spoon as well.
The car was nearly upon them now,
But Ben had a sailor's wits
With one mad whirl
He flung the girl...
And her weight crushed the car to bits.
Then he picked his Bom Bom from the wreck,
(She seemed just a shade concussed),
With a dark red mark
From the plugs that spark,
And a number-plate on her bust.
'Tis a Tale they tell in Peckham,
At the Sign of the Pye Hi-Fi;
  With whispered word
Of what occurred
When Comin' thro' the Rye.
Then Chinese Wedding Bells ting-ling,
For Bom Bom, Queen of Vamps;
Her Dad gave Ben
Ten thousand yen,
And twenty-five Green Stamps.
For dangerous driving - Hoo Flung Mud
Got fifteen years in clink;
And Ben... outside
With fist, black-eyed
The Green Eye of the Little Yellow Chink.

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