Greatrex Newman (1981)

  The Dodo now is quite extinct,
For years its numbers shrinked and shrinked;
They shrinked and shrinked and shrunked and shrunked
Till every Dodo was defunct.
And recent census figures show no
Descendants of departed Dodo.

A Lion met a Dinosaur . . .
The Lion gave a frightened roar;
The Dinosaur his dinner saw . . .
For Dinosaurs like Lions raw.

Pterodactyls were remarkable,
(Wing-span over twenty feet!)
Now-a-days they'd be unparkable
Anywhere near Oxford Street.

In the jungle, when out hunting,
We heard strange primaeval grunting;
And were scared, as there before us
Stood a herd of Brontosaurus.
When the Brontosaurus saw us
Some pretended to ignore us;
Others — who were less suspicious —
Ate us, and remarked, 'Delicious!'
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