Greatrex Newman (1981)
All girls should take care – of a stranger beware – 
Especially when at the sea-side;
But round by the band – well, you know how you do - 
I noticed a fellow - I fancied I knew:

And I looked – and he looked – we both looked;
And I thought that he looked - rather nice;
Then he smiled - and I smiled, - and I smiled – and he smiled –
We both – sort of smiled – once or twice.
Then he turned – and I turned – we both turned; 
Then he – sort of – half – raised his hat;
As he – hesitated – well – I – hesitated, -
Then we both said 'hallo' – and that's that!

We went out to lunch, - and he took me to tea, -
And then we had dinner together;
And then he suggested a run in his car, -
And I said 'Well – I might – if we don't go too far.'
Then he sat – and I sat – we both sat;
The car started off, with a bang;
Then he joked – and I joked – and he smoked - and I smoked – 
And 'Love's Old Sweet Song' we both sang.

Then he stopped – and I stopped – and the car stopped!
He thought p'raps a tyre had gone flat;
We just talked – together, - we talked of – the weather, – 
Then the tyre seemed okay – and that's that!

We got home at twelve – or it may have been one, -
I know it was late, - perhaps later;
He drove me right home – to the door of my flat –
And lingered – to wish me 'Good-night' and all that; -

Then he looked – and I looked – we both looked:
The moon was brand new, in the sky;
So he wished – and I wished, - and I wished and he wished –
The magical moments flew by.
Then he sighed – and I sighed – we both sighed, -
I paused – with the key of my flat –
I knew he was thinking – the same as you're thinking –
So I just slammed the door – and that's that!
The end