John Bilsborough 2002

  Now, Adam was a gardener,
and a busy man was he
in Eden's green and pleasant land,
contented as can be.

Then, one day, God came mooning round,
to cadge some brussels sprouts.
"I'll tell you what , then, Adam lad,
when you get them cabbage out,
I'd like to plant a Granny Smith.
Now there's no need to look cross."

"There's no such things as grannies yet,"
Says Adam, "Look here, boss,
I'm on a six day week in here,
and apples aren't in't plan,
so either you roll up your sleeves,
or fetch me one as can.
You know, it's rather lonesome,
doing all this, on me tod.
There's more to life than gardening..."

"Then I'll tell you what," says God.
"If you want a lad to help you out,
weekends and after school,
I can always find a cherub...
they're quite helpful, as a rule.
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