A bit of Work Experience...
I'll see what I can find..."

"Well, I don't mind saying, Man to God,
that it's not what I'd in mind."

Well, next week, God comes bouncing back:
"Now, sithee lad," says he,
"I'd quite a lot of useful bits,
left o'er from making thee…
so I'd like to introduce you to
my Prototype Mark Two...
Er, them corn on't cob look rather nice.
Could you happen spare a few?
Oh, one thing more - I've found a spot
to put me apple tree.
So help yourself to what you like,
but them apples are for me."

So, Eve moved in, and Adam delved
and nothing went amiss
in Eden's green and pleasant land,
and life was nupial bliss.

One day, when God popped round again,
to cadge a sprig of mint,
the talk got round to dinners
  and he dropped a broadish hint...
"Aye, why not stay?" says Adam,
"We can stretch it round to three.
Though it's nobbut plain home cooking…"
"Well", says God, "that's right by me.

Ey... if I asked Eve, d'you think she'd happen
make an apple pie?
I'll just nip up and pick a few...
Nay, Adam, my, oh, my!
Nay nay, tut tut, come come, now then!
Who's carved this on me tree?
Two lovers' hearts! Entwingled!
And what's this here? A loves E!"

Well, if you've seen the film, or read
the book, you'll know what's what.
They got their marching orders, their P45s, the lot.
Though they did their best to tell him
it was all a big mistake.
"That's just like you," said God,
"to go and blame it on a snake.
You can go and raise cain, for all I care!"
"Oh, well", says Eve, "Bye-bye,
But I'll tell you this," she added with a wink,
"It's better than apple pie!"

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