We can stop for us dinner and move onto't next,
We can paint all't way back down again.
Or we could do from't bottom to't middle...
Why're you looking like that?" "Well, you see...
if we're going to get on," says me Great Uncle Jack,
You'd best leave Foreward Planning to me."
Meanwhile, down the prom came three figures,
Mister, Mrs, and grand little lad.
"It isn't the same without lions" says Albert.
"Aye, good job an' all" says his dad.
"Yon Big Dipper" says Mister Ramsbottom,
"Has earned universal renown".
"Be nice when it's finished," said Mother,
"And they've taken all't scaffolding down."
"And yon Tower", said Mister Ramsbottom,
Is a hundred years old, the man said...
So it's getting a coat of paint..." "Well, then,
You could happen do't same to our shed."
So, they walked along Prom, for the ozone,
Meanwhile, high up, above all the crush,
There was Harry and Great Uncle Jack, starting work,
"Hey, just watch where you're shaking that brush."
"I think it might rain," said young Albert,
"I just felt a splot on me hat."
"More likely a seagull" said Father,
"Some folk say it's lucky, is that."
  They were going back home on the charra,
And young Albert, he takes off his cap,
And his dad says "by Gum. Well, I never.
Well, you are a right lucky young chap."
You've heard of the goose laying golden eggs?... well,
Though they might not have lions at zoo,
It's worth a day-trip up to Blackpool,
Just to see what the seagulls can do.

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