Would the crowd be so very unhappy
if he was... well, you know... released?"

"What! I can't let them go! There'd be riots."
"Now, dearest, just leave it to me.
Listen! Friends, Romans, whatsisnames, Quiettt !
Look, hands up for setting them free!"

It was one of those magical moments -
The lion... held up his great paw.
Fifty thousand excitable Romans,
united in wonder and "Aaaaaaaawe..."

Then they cheered Androcles, like a hero,
and they gave him the Freedom of Rome.
He says "What about lion?" and Nero says
"Suit yourself, lad. Tek it home!

So, what's next?, Them Barbarian Bowmen,
shooting arrows and wrestling in mud...?
Well, I can't speak for these soppy Romans,
but by eck! It had better be good!"

And Empress says "Darling, what is it?
We're having a wonderful day.
Oh, Androcles, promise you'll visit,
any time you're both passing this way."
  And the Emperor nods, in compliance,
"Though it does seem a daft thing," says he,
"to spend our time raising fierce lions,
then inviting the buggers to tea!"

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