John Bilsborough

  Twas Christmas Day in the jailhouse, and as night slowly fell,
A prisoner sat and shivered in his lonely little cell.
He'd only the cold to remind him of the festive time of year,
As he raised a hand to brush away the memories, and a tear.

Then, through a tiny hole in the wall that he hadn't seen before,
He heard the sound of a soft "Hello", from the man in the cell next door.
"Oh, who are you? Is it really true? Can I hear a human voice ?
Oh, now is the time to be happy! Now is the time to rejoice!

Though a cold stone wall divides us, we can surely offer praise!
In fellowship I greet you on this happiest of days!"
"It may be a time to be happy," said the voice, "at least, for you.
I'm due to be hanged tomorrow, which can alter your point of view.
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