John Tilley

  LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, shareholders of the United Spelter Pigiron, Tin Whistle and Brass Bottling Company Limited, I hope I can call you friends. I need hardly say how happy I am to be with you here to-night, presiding at your Annual General Meeting, and I hope that proceedings will proceed as proceedings proceeded in preceding years, and I think, as President without precedent, I can say . . . I hope you understand what I am talking about. . . . It doesn't very much matter if you don't, because I think we are quite in order if we take it as read. Mr. Harris . . . are we in order if we take that as read? Yes, your secretary, Mr. Harris, says you can take it as red, blue, or green, or any colour you like. Just take whatever you like; your directors have been doing that for several years now.
Now as this is our Annual General Meeting, we have had the usual budget of insulting anonymous letters sent to the directors. I am only so sorry that they are not here in person to answer them, but as you know, the police have been very active lately, and several of them find it very hard to leave. However, I have communicated with them in the various places they are, and if there are any anonymous letter-writers here this evening, if you would take this as the only intimation of reply, you will be helping your directors very considerably.
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