They bound and carried 'im away - and 'e didn't arf perfume
Just then I felt a quiet touch, and 'eard a gents voice say
'You're wanted by 'is Majesty, just kindly step this way.'
I walked bewildered over where some gents stood in a ring
And there amongst them was the Queen, and by 'er stood the King
'E asked my name, and what I was, I answered quick and clean
'I'm a brokers man, your lordship's grace - your Majesty I mean.'
Said 'e, 'So you're the man who found and caught this devil's son.'
Then shook my 'and, gave me a quid, and said 'twas bravely done
I dunno what I said, I couldn't think of anything,
But as they drove away I stood and yelled, 'God save the King.'
Then off I turned to make for 'ome, when three men sprang at me
One gave me a 'arf nelson just as clean as clean could be
Then as they 'eld me down they hissed, 'You've give our pal away
  So now we've got the chance we'll do you in and make you pay.'
They punched my face and kicked my chest - my ribs were badly bent
I thought, 'My numbers up, I'll never more collect a rent.'
But as they dealt the final blow, I twisted round my 'ead
Then gave one mighty kick - and sent the wife clean out of bed.'

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