Leonard Pounds

  'The girls are displacing the men sir!'
Said a man to me once in the train
'Yes the cock's being bossed by the hen, sir
Why they're even on football insane.'

Then the following story he told me
It may, or it may not, be true
But just, in the words that he told me
I'll give the narration to you.

'The young curate came to decide, sir
In answer to charity's call
Fancy waist-coats and socks to provide, sir
For the Zulus, who wear none at all.

So some girls laid their fair heads together
And a sweet little plot they did hatch
They decided - no matter what weather
To fix up a girls football match.

Some hundreds of tickets they sold us
Some green, some pink, and some buff
'Twas to be just a scratch match they told us
And scratch match it was right enough.

There were thousands of folk on the ground, sir
When at last the great day did arrive
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