It wasn't him at all.
Cosmo, Prince of Denmark
Practising at home
Aimed at Copenhagen
But the knife came down in Rome.
It was Cosmo, Prince of Denmark
Who sent him to the grave,
And the Latin "Et tu Brute"
Just means "Where's my aftershave?"
Oberon, Titania;
They all went for the chop;
It was unfortunate for Bottom;
Cosmo went for double top.
But soft, what knife through yonder window breaks?
Poor Juliet, cried, intense;
"Wherefore art thou, Romeo?"
"I'm impaled against this fence."
Cosmo looked at all the carnage,
And, remorseful for the dead,
He attempted suicide
And killed King Richard's horse instead.
And in a land beyond Tintagel
Lies a lake shrouded in mists,
Where a hand holds up a sword
And a voice cries "Who threw this?"

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