Les Barker
  Reg was a lonely glow worm,
All alone in the big city night;
Lady glow worms didn't like him,
Never really thought him too bright.

She was just a red glow in the gutter,
Alone, perhaps lonely like him;
His heart simply melted like butter;
Her light made all others seem dim.

But tonight he would not be requited;
Her warm love could never be Reg's
For he was a lonely glow worm
And she was a Benson and Hedges.

He asked did she come here often,
Asked if she fancied a drink;
She might perhaps like a light ale;
No reply; not a nod; not a wink.

She was just a red glow in the gutter,
Smouldering; sultry; aloof.
Not one single word did she utter,
And Reg never guessed at the truth.

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