(or Public Enemy No. 1)
Lesley Gordon
  ALEXANDER GEORGE MACOWEN, would never look where he was going. When walking in the park or street he'd gravely contemplate his feet, or gaze with an abstracted stare at pilots stunting in the air. Some distant point of the horizon he'd keep his dim unseeing eyes on, ignoring folk who wished to pass and signs that said :


Observe the boy ! Where'er he walks he leaves a trail of broken stalks. Municipal geraniums turn pale as snowdrops when he comes, and keepers of the public parks all show their teeth like angry sharks!

He'd frequently the peace disturb by pushing people off the curb, then hurry on without a word, his eye upon some distant bird. But if he hit a post or tree he'd like as not say :

"Pardon me!"

At crossing streets he was the worst. He'd never heard of SAFETY FIRST. He never looked to left or right, he never saw a coloured light, nor noticed people one by one, like fowls along a chicken-run

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