(Curiosity Box)
Lesley Gordon

  Curiosity box from bonnet to socks was a child by the name of ANGELICA COX. According to older and worthier Coxes, among many kinds there are two sorts of boxes, CURIOSITY first, and the second one, CHATTER, and both kinds are trying and both of them matter, and though to admit it her parents were loth, they had to agree that their daughter was both.

Her questioning voice and her constant

"What for?"

were really a quite indefensible bore. With eyebrows well raised and alert in each joint, she would question and pry, she would poke, she would point, she would finger and sniff, she would ask, she would wheedle, till her nose was as long and as sharp as a needle.

When she woke in her cot
She would want to know "what?"
When the sun was still new
She would want to know "who?"
When the sun was quite high
She'd demand to know "why?"
Then raising her pitch
She would loudly ask "which!"
And while you're still there

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