Lesley Gordon

Now Uncles are a handy lot,
However many you have got
Whether it's two or three or four,
There's always room for several more
They like to take you to the Zoo,
And sometimes to the pictures too
They think of jolly decent games
And never call you fancy names
Like 'Kiddies', 'Pets', and 'Little Dears' -
And never look behind your ears.

And Grandpas are a decent crew,
Although I'm glad I've only two
They'll tell you tales of sailing ships,
And grow you trees from orange pips
And, sometimes, in the garden shed,
With chips of wood and scraps of lead
And nails, and screws and bits of string
They'll make you almost anything
And though they make you brush your hair
And tell you it is rude to stare
They're rather decent, you'll agree,

  But two are quite enough for me.
A thing all Grandmas hate to do,
It makes them in a frightful stew
But if you listen when they speak,
And never bellow, shout or shriek
And always offer them a seat,
Then Grandmas can be rather sweet.

But Aunts - It simply staggers me
However anyone can see
The point of having Aunts, and yet,
We most of us have got a set
Now Aunties are a different kind,
And Aunties no one ought to mind
For Aunties can play games and run
And always know what isn't done
But if you chance an Aunt to meet,
She's sure to kiss you in the street
Or if she takes you out to tea,
She'll sit where everyone can see
Wearing a simply frightful hat,
And talk about exams and that
She'll tell you that you're dropping crumbs
And ask you if you've done your sums
And say she thinks it's sure to rain
And have you read 'The Daisy Chain.'
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