Lesley Gordon

  I'm sure that every child would wish
To take some beast or fowl or fish
Provide for it a home from home
With strict injunctions not to roam
Then never for a day omit
To serve at meals some scrumptious bit
Some rissoled worms or earwig paste
To suit its own peculiar taste
And generally to do their best
To make it feel a welcome guest
Most boys and girls would gladly do
Small things like these - and quite right too

But Jonathan McCullum James
Had clearly more ambitious aims
And often to his parents swore
He'd have an ark like Mr Noah
With two of everything
That crawled or swam or soared on wing
The Jameses, though, discouraged that -
So inconvenient, in a flat.

He started in a modest way
Or so he heard his father say
And not so, very singular
One tadpole in a pickle jar
And having found a faithful pet
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