And fearing that the thing might fret
With nought to look at but the view
He introduced a tiddler too.

A caterpillar next he tried
Oh how the little creature cried
It wouldn't eat a bit of leaf
And very nearly died of grief
Till Jonathan McCullum James
Brought it a snail to share its games.

With capital not over big
He purchased next a guinea-pig
A tortoise, and a pair of mice
Two hedgehogs that were far from nice
A rabbit and a cockatoo
He would have liked a kangaroo
But his mother firmly said
He could not have the spare room bed

He kept a cricket on the hearth
A brace of gold-fish in the bath
Some silkworms on the sideboard
And a dormouse in the baby-grand
His father frowned to find his boots
Were occupied by nesting coots
  His mother made a nasty face
At frogs inside her night-dress-case.
But grass-snakes in the wardrobe drawer
Appeared to her the final straw.

When Jonny's Uncle, George by name
Went somewhere East to hunt big game
He'd scarcely landed from the boat
When he received this pressing note
'Dear Uncle George' the letter ran
'Please send as quickly as you can
A baby hippopotamus
Or else a small rhinoceros
Please send which ever one you find
I mean I really do not mind
Enclosing stamps for two and four
Hoping it won't amount to more
Please send as quickly as you can
Your loving nephew, Jonathan.

The Zoo was going with a swing
When somebody informed the King
'A zoo inside a service flat?
Please tell the boy we can't have that'
The King commanded with a frown
Laying aside the Royal Crown
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